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Verses In Motion Digital Poetry

Verses In Motion - Digital Poetry Collection -


"Curved words, inclinations... Impacts!" © 2012 LauraLME -

VIM Media Publications and Digital Productions -

Poetry by LauraLME, Photography by Anna Simi 


Readers' Praise for LauraLME

“I was delighted with this walk through the smooth blue veins and pulsing red arteries of Laura LME's poetry in her new digital poetry photo book, Verses in Motion. As the evocative cover photo promises with its billowing scarlet drapes, here she will lead you to the windows and doors to to be opened along the corridors of your own heart. Poetry at its finest finds our hidden inner places, opens the locks we have installed so carefully, and removes the bars. Laura LME's new collaboration with the deeply symbolic images of Anna Simi beautifully and gently transport the reader here, not away, but inward.”
- J.J. Brown - Author, Novelist, Poet, Scientist -

Poetry is more than merely words. Laura is dedicated to helping others and to social causes that go beyond this book...and believe me, that is saying a lot. Her support of others in music and spoken word medium is undying and I say all of that to go back to my original point...poetry is more than merely words, it is the heart and soul of the poet. This book is a demonstration of that heart and soul, generous and creative, feeling and touching.

Using colors, analogies, textures, emotions, everyday articles and those that exist only in her mind, Laura has crafted and interwoven a work of amazing art in this book. Her poem "The Scream of Silence" tore at my soul and the beginning lines of "In The Storm"..."I shall cry, silent like a blanket..." is an example of a pure analogy.

Anna Simi's images are unique and compelling, pulling the reader deeper into the depths of the overall work. The two artists complement one another so well. Anna's photography and Laura's words are like `poetry in motion' forms dovetailed securely to make this book a winner all around! Two thumbs up and if I had more thumbs would use them!
Tolbert ~ Poet - Author

Verses in Motion is not a typical prose poetry book. The author mixes a thoughtful, musical/lyrical prose with photographs and color into a new kind of poetic art form in "motion" that I would best describe as a digital/emotional collage. A small collection, fewer than 25 poems, it's arranged more like an album, intentionally, which begs to be read carefully, and in order. My favorite is "Words" which explores the limitations of these tools (and, therefore, poetry), describing them both as "blades of reason" (solid building blocks made of "bricks and cement") and as "fragments of a vision", which, however seemingly "countless" in number and ever-evolving, remain (and seemingly destined always to remain) hidden, a fuel for "doubt".
Frank Mundo ~ Poet-Author 

“The tapestries, visuals and emotions that Laura LME captures in this collection are timeless. A must read for any lover of words!”
- Andrew Scott, Author of "Snake With A Flower" Poetry Collection -

Verses in Motion" by Laura LME presents - as with most of her poetic output - a fusion of multidimensional media, with verses sharing space with photographic illustration, each serving to amplify the emotional content of the other.
“ Laura's words are diaphanous, more lyrical than metaphorical, as if they were the narration behind a dream. It is this musical and cinematic quality - accentuated by Anna Simi's urban and natural landscapes - that underlies the ability of her verses to move the reader. The poetry here belongs to no symbolic or imagist school, there are no didactic allusions or misguided pedantry - only pure expressionism, heartfelt and true.”
- Samuel Peralta - Author, Physicist, Poet -

"This is such a wonderful concept for a poetry book, I believe that it will reach out and grab the imagination of all ages, especially the younger generations. Beginning with the breathtaking cover, where the verses inside seem to be calling out for you to enter. The vibrant imagery compliments the words perfectly, everything about it is exciting and fresh.

Laura’s poems for me, melt off the pages and rest in the heart"
- Ruth Johnston - Author, Poet -

Verses In Motion And in Music, go... DIGITAL!!!

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